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The House of Miss Rose is closing her doors.  After 57 years in the hair business as a hairdresser, business owner, educator and wig maker, Miss Rose is going to permanently retire.  At 75 years of age, the easier life is calling and she more than deserves it.

The House of Miss Rose Hair Salon and Wig Shop has been on 56th Avenue in Langley for ten years.  There have been many changes over the years, but the business has grown and the name "Miss Rose" has become well known in the community and beyond. 

Miss Rose has gained a reputation for her warmth, generosity and experience.  "No-body knows wigs like Miss Rose", is a common sentiment.  Over the last ten years she has helped hundreds of people with their hair loss concerns and many still come back to the shop just to say hi and thank you.

Miss Rose has always been a keen community supporter, but as she says, "That goes both ways".  Miss Rose's shop has been broken into several times over the past five years.  The last break-in was especially traumatic, but many members of the community made donations of money and product to help get the business up and running again.

There was one local organization who put film on the windows to make them virtually unbreakable.  Also, students from a technical school in Maple Ridge who were studying metal fabrication, designed and made beautiful metal bars for the windows.  To these people she sends special hugs. 

Closing her doors is going to be a sad time for Miss Rose, but as she says, "I've had 57 years in an industry I love and wanted to be a part of ever since I can remember, but I think at 75 I've earned some quiet time.  Even I get tired once in a while". 

Her doors may be closing in the near future, but she wants people to know she has inventory to be sold.  So starting December 02, 2014 everything in the shop will be discounted.  As Miss Rose says, "Come early for the best selection, but don't forget to let us know you're coming!".  

Thank you for all of your support over the years, we wish you all the best.

Warm hugs,

Staff at The House of Miss Rose x

Our hours of operation for the remainder of the holiday season are as follows:

Friday December 20  9:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Saturday December 21  10:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Sunday December 22 Closed
Monday December 23 9:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M
Tuesday December 24  Closed
Wednesday December 25  Closed
Thursday December 26  Closed
Friday December 27  9:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Saturday December 28  10:00 A.M - 4:00 P.M
Sunday December 29  Closed
Monday December 30  Closed
Tuesday December 31  9:00 A.M - 2:00 P.M

Our stylists have holiday hours as well, including some days that are usually unavailable. Call us now at 604-533-8874 to book your appointment.

Cheers and lots of hugs,

Staff at The House of Miss Rose
"I was so afraid that the guests and the decor would all look better than I would, but I felt great. It didn't feel like a wig at all."
Most brides fret over dress fittings, the color scheme and how many tiers their wedding cake should have. Not Donna Boehlke.
For the 42 year old Surrey woman it was the fear of losing her hair from chemotherapy that threatened to cast a dark shadow on her wedding day.  

"All I could think of was, who wants to marry a bald woman?"
Her mother Judy, desperate to bring the pre wedding glow back to her daughters face, sought out Miss Rose, a former hair styling teacher with a passion for wigs. 

When Donna was introduced to Miss Rose most of her hair had started falling out in large clumps.  "I couldn't even brush it," said Donna.  Miss Rose encouraged the bride-to-be to take the power back into her own hands and take her hair before the cancer could.

"To see your own hair falling out is just devastating," said Miss Rose.  "When you do it yourself you feel a sense of control."  And so she did.
Fast forward to one year later,  Donna has regained her health and now has a full head of hair.

On Monday, Donna stopped by Miss Rose's shop for the first cut since losing her hair, pausing to flip through an album showing a bald former self.  In the first photo she has a full head of shoulder length hair.  In the next she is bald but wearing a large grin.  "The first thing I thought was wow, I look just like my brother," chuckled Donna. 
Miss Rose said that after shaving Donna bald, she stored away all the hair to make a custom wig that Donna will be proud to wear on her wedding day.  Flipping to the last photo it shows a blushing bride with a beautiful head of blonde curly hair under her veil. 
"I was so afraid that the guests and the decor would all look better than I would, but I felt great. It didn't feel like a wig at all," said Donna.

A couple of weeks ago, The House of Miss Rose was broken into and robbed. This was not the first time, but we hope it will be the last.

To see a video interview with Miss Rose, click here. Click here for the Langley Advance article and here for the Langley Times.

Many synthetic hair pieces were stolen, as well as sets of synthetic and human hair extensions. Several window layers were broken, and a memorial for Gaby Davis was destroyed.

Since the break in and interviews later, so many people have called us and asked what they can do to help.

Because this was our fifth time being broken into, we have decided to get security bars for the windows.  We are accepting donations right now so we can put up bars that are also decorative, so the store still has a welcoming look. This is what we are hoping to put donations toward. We would like to thank all of you who have reached out over the past few days. It is so inspiring and heartwarming to know that there are such amazing people in the world who want to help Miss Rose. Thank you for being the good in the world.

Lots of hugs,

Staff at The House of Miss Rose

The sun is shining, people are going out for walks with their friends and family, and people are getting ready to make positive changes for themselves this spring! Something about the sun coming out after months of darkness is just so inspiring, and we can see it in the amount of hair donations we've been receiving lately!

Just today we received two hair donations from Saskatchewan, and several others from British Columbia. It is so great to see that people all over Canada are donating their hair to help others in need. It is such a selfless act that we admire here so much!

So today we just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated their hair and for the difference you've made in someone's life.


- Staff at The House of Miss Rose
Here is a letter we received yesterday with a hair donation. Thank you Kim
and the family who changed his life with their generousity. You are all an
inspiration to us and it warms our hearts to know that there is such amazing
people in the world such as yourselves. Thank you.

 The letter:

"My name is Kim, a 59 year old man. Due to an autoimmune disease I needed a
liver transplant and on Janurary 1st of 2000 I received the call to come to
SEattle. The transplant was done on the 2nd. Since I am writing the transplant
has been a success. I am fortuante to have met the donor family who helped save
my life by their gracious and fifficult decision. I used to volunteer at a fire
department and donated blood which helped determine when the disease first
started. I asked my doctor about donating bone marrow and was told I can never
donate anything because of the unknown origins of the disease. My granddaughter
told me there was one thing I could still donate. It was 15 months ago that I
started growing my hair. The hair has never been colored nor do I use a

Since that time, Rachel, my donor's mother, has gone through breast cancer.
As I neared the time when I could get it cut (sorry it's so close to minimum
length but it was constantly in my eyes or mouth) I wanted to donate but I want
to do it in Rache's name.

One thing that makes this more or less a mriacle is organ donations do ot
happen involving over the boundary lines between our two countries. This isn't
much but it seems to be one thing I can do to say thank you to the family. If
you would, could you send a note thanking her instead of me?

Thank you, Kim."

Wow, it must be the time of year..... we have had 3 kind souls in today to donate their hair.
It sure is nice to see the generosity of people helping those who are suffering hairloss from chemo and other medical conditions.
Now back to working on our entry for the Christmas Parade.... make sure you wave when you see us!!!!
Today we had a lovely lady in from Beirut and helped her find a wig that looked great on her as well as another lady that had her hair all taken off. Her hair was starting to fall out, but she was completely prepared for her journey into hair loss from chemotherapy. We gave them both complementary gifts of shampoo, conditioner, and a purse brush and they both left with smiles. When ladies buy wigs from us I feel so privileged to be able to help these wonderful people feel better about losing their hair and feel beautiful inside and out.

- Miss Rose
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How long does the hair have to be?  This is always the first question we get. In order to create a realistic looking piece we need at least 10 inches of hair. We have been able to work with shorter lengths in special situations.  The hair needs to be clean, dry and braided with an elastic on both ends.  Many small braids are preferable to a few large ones.... check our site under donations or our facebook page under notes for a tutorial on donating hair.

The House of Miss Rose