Hair Salon and Wig Shop
The House of Miss Rose is closing her doors.  After 57 years in the hair business as a hairdresser, business owner, educator and wig maker, Miss Rose is going to permanently retire.  At 75 years of age, the easier life is calling and she more than deserves it.

The House of Miss Rose Hair Salon and Wig Shop has been on 56th Avenue in Langley for ten years.  There have been many changes over the years, but the business has grown and the name "Miss Rose" has become well known in the community and beyond. 

Miss Rose has gained a reputation for her warmth, generosity and experience.  "No-body knows wigs like Miss Rose", is a common sentiment.  Over the last ten years she has helped hundreds of people with their hair loss concerns and many still come back to the shop just to say hi and thank you.

Miss Rose has always been a keen community supporter, but as she says, "That goes both ways".  Miss Rose's shop has been broken into several times over the past five years.  The last break-in was especially traumatic, but many members of the community made donations of money and product to help get the business up and running again.

There was one local organization who put film on the windows to make them virtually unbreakable.  Also, students from a technical school in Maple Ridge who were studying metal fabrication, designed and made beautiful metal bars for the windows.  To these people she sends special hugs. 

Closing her doors is going to be a sad time for Miss Rose, but as she says, "I've had 57 years in an industry I love and wanted to be a part of ever since I can remember, but I think at 75 I've earned some quiet time.  Even I get tired once in a while". 

Her doors may be closing in the near future, but she wants people to know she has inventory to be sold.  So starting December 02, 2014 everything in the shop will be discounted.  As Miss Rose says, "Come early for the best selection, but don't forget to let us know you're coming!".  

Thank you for all of your support over the years, we wish you all the best.

Warm hugs,

Staff at The House of Miss Rose x


The House of Miss Rose