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How long does the hair have to be?  This is always the first question we get. In order to create a realistic looking piece we need at least 10 inches of hair. We have been able to work with shorter lengths in special situations.  The hair needs to be clean, dry and braided with an elastic on both ends.  Many small braids are preferable to a few large ones.... check our site under donations or our facebook page under notes for a tutorial on donating hair.


10/29/2012 12:54am

It's a noble cause to donate the hairs and people should come forward for this nice step.

04/22/2015 3:53am

Great tips and very easy to understand. This will definitely be very useful for me when I get a chance to start my blog.

02/17/2016 11:59am

Did you know that your scalp actually produces a lot of natural oil? So much that you actually don't need to condition your scalp at all! Just condition the middle of your hair all the way down to your tips. That will honestly make all of the difference in the #world ladies!For more please visit

06/26/2016 11:18pm

Every person is desire your hair become a strong and shining. Different kinds of oils and shampoos available in the market but only one suit according to your hair growth. Through the hair style increase the beauty of everyone.


Ten inches of hair is a good amount to work with.

07/11/2016 4:03am

I can make a donation if you are interested.


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