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Here is a letter we received yesterday with a hair donation. Thank you Kim
and the family who changed his life with their generousity. You are all an
inspiration to us and it warms our hearts to know that there is such amazing
people in the world such as yourselves. Thank you.

 The letter:

"My name is Kim, a 59 year old man. Due to an autoimmune disease I needed a
liver transplant and on Janurary 1st of 2000 I received the call to come to
SEattle. The transplant was done on the 2nd. Since I am writing the transplant
has been a success. I am fortuante to have met the donor family who helped save
my life by their gracious and fifficult decision. I used to volunteer at a fire
department and donated blood which helped determine when the disease first
started. I asked my doctor about donating bone marrow and was told I can never
donate anything because of the unknown origins of the disease. My granddaughter
told me there was one thing I could still donate. It was 15 months ago that I
started growing my hair. The hair has never been colored nor do I use a

Since that time, Rachel, my donor's mother, has gone through breast cancer.
As I neared the time when I could get it cut (sorry it's so close to minimum
length but it was constantly in my eyes or mouth) I wanted to donate but I want
to do it in Rache's name.

One thing that makes this more or less a mriacle is organ donations do ot
happen involving over the boundary lines between our two countries. This isn't
much but it seems to be one thing I can do to say thank you to the family. If
you would, could you send a note thanking her instead of me?

Thank you, Kim."


The House of Miss Rose