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The sun is shining, people are going out for walks with their friends and family, and people are getting ready to make positive changes for themselves this spring! Something about the sun coming out after months of darkness is just so inspiring, and we can see it in the amount of hair donations we've been receiving lately!

Just today we received two hair donations from Saskatchewan, and several others from British Columbia. It is so great to see that people all over Canada are donating their hair to help others in need. It is such a selfless act that we admire here so much!

So today we just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated their hair and for the difference you've made in someone's life.


- Staff at The House of Miss Rose


11/02/2013 10:24am

Super post. I hope within a short time we will get more post like this nice post.


Most of the time, our praise and compliment to other people give also a lot of smiling faces and relaxed aura. In our Religion class, our adviser teaches us about this attitude, to be a good influence to others and to be positive in life. . When we utter words that bring positive impact, these words for sure will help others to be more motivated and determined.

05/12/2016 11:15pm

I hope you'll get more donations ;)


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